commonwealth of dominica
Dominica ...
... is an island in the Lesser Antilles between Martinique and Guadeloupe. (Commonwealth of Dominica - West Indies, Winwards Islands). English is the official language although the island. They also speak Patois, Creole and French.
Roseau is the main city where the ferry arrives (Express des iles) from Martinique or Guadeloupe.

Airlines from France :,, serve Fort de France in Martinique or Pointe à Pitre in Guadeloupe.  
Airlines from England, USA or Germany : 
Travel between french Islands (Martinique and Guadeloupe) : express-des-iles 

Check schedules at express des iles, the ferry company serving Dominica, before you book your flight. They offer family tickets so do not hesitate! 

■ In the ferry sit in front of the bar close to the left door. As soon as you see the coast of Dominica, get up and move towards the door. You will save time!
■ Try to be among the first  for immigration and custom controls because there are many Dominicans. Submit the form police and customs declaration you've found in a corner of the bar in the ferry. Ask the staff if you cannot find them. You will get your luggage after.
■ Generally  the Customs Officers don't control the tourists but you never know ... Avoid having fresh fruits, fresh meat or cheese.

■ When you exit, there are taxis. Count around 20/25 euros for the trip to Salisbury. If you don't  have too much luggage and if it is not in the evening or on Sunday, you can go to the bus station.

■ Turn left from the ferry terminal, walk along the sea on your left to the river and the vegetable market. Turn right and follow the road to the bridge. The  buses on the right side serve Salisbury, the buses on the  left side serve Portsmouth. These are minibuses. Travel cost is 1.50 euros per person. Ask the driver to stop at East Carib Dive before the village of Salisbury.
Warning : there are no more  buses after 6 pm !

For late arrivals (after 6 pm), I can organize a transfer by  bus with a driver who knows the location of your rental. Cost: 25 euros.

Do not rent a car after 6 pm because it is impossible to find East Carib Dive on small roads in bad condition, driving at night, on the left side and without signs.

The lodgings are not directly at East Carib Dive and it is not uncommon to see people arriving after 10 pm because they have been lost  and it is difficult for me to wait to take you to your apartment.
■ Car rental
The price is 40 euros per day. I can book the vehicle for you  if you wish.
Leave Roseau and take the direction of Portsmouth to the north. The sea is on your left in the main part of the travel. You will pass the first village named Massacre and then the village named Mahaut . Keep going ... 

About 10 minutes from the villages, you will cross a painted yellow bridge over the Layou River. 
Turn left after the bridge. Drive 150 meters and take the turning on the right , you should see a sand quarry. Don't go straight to the mouth of the Layou River. 
You are 10 minutes far from East Carib Dive. You will see on your left the village of Mero then finally  the Macoucherie Rum factory on your right. 

A little further you'll see the Tamarind Tree Hotel green panel on your left. Last turns and you will see a large beige house on the left. 
You finally arrived. I hope the trip was enjoyable ... Down on the beach and join me at the bar. I'll do the rest ...

1. Hours :
Monday to Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm. Some banks close at 1 pm. 
Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. 
2. Currency :
The currency of Dominica is Dollars or EC  Caribbean Dollars
All banks are changing U.S. Dollars. The rate for this currency is fixed. 
Cash exchange is  EC 2.67 for USD 1.00. If you change Travellers Checks it is  EC 2.6882 for USD 1.00 
You can pay with euros everywhere. For other currencies you need to go to the Royal Bank of Canada. 
3. Automatic Withdrawals :
You can also remove the EC Dollars in ATMs: 
Barclays Bank: Old street 
Royal Bank Of Canada : Bay Front next to the tourist office 
Scotia Bank: Hillborough Street 

To avoid problems ask to your bank before you leave that is the maximum weekly amount authorized for withdrawals. If it has been exceeded you can still get cash with your card going directly into the banks.

You will find small shops around the island. They are called Grocery. These are usually bars or certain individuals who sell necessities items: The advantage is that they are often open late in the evenings and on Sundays. 
The big shops are concentrated in Roseau. You will find almost everything. 
- Schedules 
Monday to Friday from 8 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm.  
Supermarkets  close between 6 pm and 8 pm. 
You will not find supermarkets as we used to see in Europe or US. Although the trend is toward development, there are only four of them in Roseau. 
- Astaphan 
Payment is accepted in U.S. Dollars in supermarkets - Exchange rate is USD 1.00 for 2.60 EC. 
For questions or comments: Béatrice