commonwealth of dominica
commonwealth of dominica
The staff
Béatrice Contréra
Béatrice is a 53 years old French. She started diving in 92 when she met Harald in South of France. She studied foreign languages and Tourism and used to work as receptionist and Tour Guide in many European countries.

She speaks French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
Béatrice is a P.A.D.I. Open Water Instructor and followed Harald steps everywhere.
She logs more than 5000 dives.
They both have been staying in Dominica for twelve years.
Harald Zahn
Harald is a 57 years old German native. Before starting his diving course in 1988 he used to work as a minor in Germany. Then he attended an accounting course.
He is C.M.A.S. BARAKUDA - one Star & P.A.D.I. Open Water Scuba instructor.
He used to work as Dive Guide and Instructor in South of France (2 years), Egypt (4 years), Maldives 2 ½ years and Croatia 1 year . He dove more than 10000 times and still enjoys it. Harald attended Bauer and Scubapro classes.
He speaks German and English.
Harald surprises us with his progress in French and his mastery of Esperanto !
Béa et Harald are waiting for you ...
The friendly atmosphere of East Carib Dive (far from the road), will please to every one, even non divers. You'll enjoy one of the most beautifull sandy  beach of the west coast.